Mirimar Networks

server management

At Mirimar Networks, we realize the importance of customers having the ability to do it their way. To better suit the needs of the advanced customer, we offer a selection of custom server management packages.

Shared Hosting

For the entry-level customer with a low budget, we'll host your web site, email, mailing lists and anything else which you might need on our own high speed servers located in the US and Israel. starting at $1.95/month

Dedicated Server

For the customer who wants to take their server into their own hands. We'll set up the hardware, and give you root. You'll have the ability to fine tune your server to meet your own needs. But that doesn't mean that we won't lend a helping hand if you decide you need it! starting at $50/month

Managed Server

For the customer who wants the ultimate tailored solution, without the headache of managing their own equipment. We'll host you on your own dedicated hardware, and customize the server to deliver your application at lightning fast speeds. starting at $100/month