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Would you build your home with Grade C building materials, not adhering to the blueprints whenever it would save you a few minutes? Would you trust the cheapest building engineer to build it? Of course not! So why would you trust a third-rate company with your web presence?

  • fact: Over 99% of web sites on the Internet do NOT fully conform to W3C standards. While they might display properly in the latest version of Internet Explorer, if you want to view them with your Internet-enabled PDA or Pocket PC, all bets are off.
  • fact: Over 10% of the population in most countries have disabilities which require special accessory tools to view web sites. This means that by not adhering to WAI standards, you're guaranteed to lose a significant portion of your market; Internet Explorer or not.
  • fact: The majority of today's major search engines will give higher rank to a standards compliant web page than to a second page containing the same content, with HTML errors. By not ranking well on search engines, you lose potential customers.

At Mirimar Networks, we understand that compliance to standards is the key to building a solid, successful web presence.


Read what other people have to say about conforming to W3C standards:

The Web is having a dramatic impact on the way we work, learn, live and communicate with each other, and it is essential that this new medium be accessible to everyone. People with disabilities should be full participants in the Information Society.

-- Al Gore, Former Vice President, USA

Microsoft is firmly committed to making computer technology and the Web accessible to everyone... It is essential that every company and organization developing Web content move toward supporting these guidelines and incorporate them into their design process.

-- Greg Lowney, Director of Accessibility, Microsoft Corp.

In our opinion, a Web site cannot be a good site unless its an accessible site.

-- William Cullifer, Executive Director, World Organization of Webmasters