Mirimar Networks

some of our clients

  • Netvision LTD.
  • Amerifone LLC.
  • P.L. Holdings
  • Terem Immediate Medical Care
  • Intelitek
  • Orpak Systems, Ltd
  • Nahal Haredi IDF Brigade
  • IzFone
  • AdGency
  • JewBerry
  • Global Translations

sponsored services

Mirimar Networks is proud to sponsor the following community services:

  • MySQL Database Server

    MySQL Mirror

  • Apache Software Foundation

    Apache (ASF) Mirror

  • CPAN

    CPAN Mirror

  • Jerusalem Perl Mongers

    Jerusalem Perl Mongers

  • Jerusalem Linux Club

    Jerusalem Linux Club

  • The Linux Kernel Archives

    Linux Kernel Archives

  • OpenSSL

    OpenSSL Mirror

  • Free Pascal

    Free Pascal Mirror